It is an honor and pride to be at the head of the company Dauti-TransportShped AD, which is now an established company in the sector of international transport and customs forwarding services, where soon, in 2023, we will celebrate the 20th jubilee year where for two decades operates as a successful company in the transport market and in the field of customs forwarding services based on several basic principles where professionalism, honesty and the vision to always be in step with European and world developments and trends in the field of transport and customs services of the expedition.

Our initial initiative to establish the company in Skopje in 2003, where over the years it has been a leading company in the equipment of the transport fleet with modern barges, which contains 50 transport vehicles ECO 5 and ECO 6 Standard, all this in order to provide quality service , professional and competitive in the market.

Our company with 19 years of experience offers a wide range of Transport services:

All this is made possible by our modern fleet, which contains 50 standard ECO 5 and ECO 6 transport vehicles of which:

Being encouraged by the success in the country, the management board made a strategic decision to start the regional expansion of the company and in 2017 the company Dauti-TransportShped SHA, Durrës, was opened, initially as a branch of the company Dauti-TransportShped AD, Skopje in 2019 to be acquired as an independent company where in 2021, with an investment of 500,000.00 euros, it was equipped with 10 state-of-the-art MERCEDES-ACTORS EURO 6 barges, becoming a respectable company in the Republic of Albania.

One of the reasons that makes us more attractive in the business world is our scope both in the activity of our business activity and in the field of providing customs services of forwarding where we are a leader in innovations in this field by offering a wide range of our services with precision, speed, quality and honesty and with competitive prices starting from:

All this wide range of services in this scope is covered by offices at the key customs points and the most frequented internal terminals in the Republic of North Macedonia, starting from the border crossing:

Internal customs terminals:

As the crowning of our company’s professional work, I had the solemn honor of receiving from the head of the RNM Customs the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate as an internationally recognized certificate that proves the concept based on partnership between Customs and the business community. Program which aims to strengthen the security of the international supply chain and facilitate customs procedures and avoiding unnecessary waiting as much as possible and establishing our company as a prestigious and serious company with a high level of security since the AEO certificate provides for high professional conditions and security to be equipped with the same.

All that was said above is in order for us as a company to be a strong support and partner of our local business to open new markets and doors for the same by carrying out transport, and a wide range of services customs and forwarding in an expeditious, efficient manner with professionalism and honesty with the motto of our company “We move close to your business”.